Bios | Vlad Gabov

Vlad Gabov

Online Marketing Co-ordinator

Vlad joined Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group in February 2015 as the Digital & Online Marketing Co-ordinator. His professional marketing career began in 2012 at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) as the marketing officer responsible for recruiting international students from the Russian and European markets. Quickly progressing through the IT and online marketing departments within AIS, Vlad became the Digital & Online Marketing Co-ordinator. In this position, he managed the migration of the institute’s international student and teacher training and recruitment systems from a paper-based format to an online system. Going ‘online’ then allowed AIS to grow their online presence and communications through their website and various social media campaigns. This resulted in the direct increase of both teacher/student efficiencies and revenue for the institute.

High energy coupled with a drive for results, Vlad brings a wealth of knowledge and skills that allow Sigmoid to branch out and connect with both clients and the wider public in a fresh and compelling way. In addition to partnering with Sigmoid, Vlad has his own online marketing consulting firm Searcher, which he established in September 2015.


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